Neil Ireland Website Design


Whether you want a website, a blog or MLE, you want a site that is attractive, easy to use, up-to-date and effective. The design and implementation processes lead to the creation of a site that meets your needs and those of your website visitors. 

Site Design

This is a consultative process where we work together to produce a design that meets your specification.

  • Initial consultation to determine needs
  • Agreement of your specification of requirements
  • Draft design produced and submitted for approval
  • Revision of draft design and resubmission for approval.
  • The drafting/submission process repeats until the design meets your requirements
  • Formal agreement that the design meets your needs

Site Implementation

Once again, this is an iterative process where we work together to produce a final, published website.

  • Acquire domain name
  • Arrange web site hosting, where appropriate
  • Installation of Content Management System software, and its configuration
  • Production of draft website.  At this stage the website can only be seen by approved members of staff.  It is not visible to the general public
  • Revision of draft website and resubmission for approval
  • This process is repeated until you are happy that it meets your requirements
  • Formal signing off
  • Your site goes live



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